Carbon Project | Embrace The Spork!

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It’s true that there are many advantages to using a spork. Chief among the obvious advantages is the fact that you are prepared for both liquid meals and meals the require a bit more holding power out of their utensils. This, however, is not a website about brilliant inventions. Let’s cut to the chase. Disposable utensils are a HUGE problem in our society of instant food gratification and grab and go lifestyles. estimates 40 billion plastic utensils are used every year in just the United States. A great majority of these are tossed away after a single use. These 40 billion plastic utensils come at even more of a concern when you consider that only about 7% of our plastic use in the U.S. make it to a recycling facility.

The solution? Buy yourself some silverware to keep in your messenger bag, briefcase, or purse. You’re going to get a weird look from time to time when you proudly reach into your bag to pull out your spork, but know the planet is giving you a big high five every time you do.

Finally, a lovely meme to show extent to which our madness towards plasticware has gotten.




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