Earth Day Happened… Now What?

Earth Day Happened… Now What?
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YAY Earth day! Actually, Earth Day needs a serious make over. I’m jumping on the “We’re done with the feel good I recycled today style environmental activism” bandwagon. Big time. In the wake of the 2014 Earth Day my email inbox and facebook feed is full of the “5 easy things I can do for the planet” articles. So you changed your lightbulbs, rode your bike to work, and topped off the day with a locally sourced dinner with the family…Now what?

I’m bringing the “everyday is earth day” bandwagon with me. We have a pretty nasty problem on our hands, and it will take far more focus than one holiday a year. Lightbulbs are changed? Great, but now we need to get on to solutions that meet the immensity of what we’re up against. Here’s a few ways to get started and keep Earth Day rolling all year long.

Find a local environmental working group

There’s likely a group working on an environmental campaign in your area already. Most groups hold open meetings. Go join them and get plugged in. If you can’t find one, try searching on Facebook, MeetUp, or Google for a local group in your area.

If there still isn’t much popping up, start your own. Building grassroots groups taking on the fossil fuel industry in communities nation wide is how movements gain strength and power. Do your research on environmental issues in your region, and we can help you with shaping a campaign around it.

Host an Environmental Movie Night

Set up a movie screening. Film nights are great ways to get conversation started about issues. Think about inviting local environmental groups to speak or facilitate a discussion afterward. Think of the film as the first step towards more awareness, but give attendees an effective way to follow up on their new found inspiration to act.

Attend an Action Camp

Action camps are phenomenal gatherings where skills, techniques, theory, and so much more are shared across groups. Beyond building great hard skills, action camps are amazing places to meet and network with the great people doing similar work all over the world. There are many, but here are our top picks for the east coast and the west coast.

Taking the next step is all about moving beyond personal actions, and building. Together we are stronger than we could ever be apart. Happy building.

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