Start A Group

So you think you’re ready to start a local Shift group? Awesome. As we all build and grow this movement we need local, grassroots groups ready to fight all across the globe. We’re looking forward to helping you with your campaigns. There’s a few steps first though.

Are We Ready?

We want to build strong local communities, so let’s run through a few points to make sure you’re really ready to have a creative, successful group.

  1. Do you have a truly dedicated core group willing to put in the time and effort to plan and carry out a great campaign?
  2. Can you make weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly meetings happen?
  3. Is your group ready to roll up it’s sleeves and leave the talk behind and take action?

Organizing Principles

We have a few key principles that Shift groups encompass.

1. We need a total system change.  Simply replacing our existing energy system with renewable energy is not a total solution. Our current economic and social systems enforce inequalities in numerous different ways. We must tackle all of these aspects to truly fight the climate crisis.

2. We’re all connected. All of our issues and causes are one of the same. We believe in working in solidarity and close allyship with all movements whether it be LGBTQ communities, economic justice groups, etc.

3. We build. Fighting to stop environmental injustice is just the first step. We must also build the community and world we wish to see. This can mean many things from community gardens, mutual aid, folk schools, and more.

4. Be creative. Creativity is one of the most important aspects of our work. Creating beautiful and inspiring actions can truly connect with people’s emotions and hearts. We live on a beautiful planet with beautiful people, our movement to save it must be beautiful too.

5. Stay informed. We don’t have to be experts on all environmental issues and solutions, but we should strive to be reasonably informed. We don’t spread mis-information or over hype our cause to gain publicity.

6. Make it fun. Building a grassroots movement is hard work. We often work in daunting circumstances, but have to keep each other’s spirits high so we can stay in this fight for a long time to come.

7. We don’t support violence.  We’re working to stop systems that perpetrate violence and injustices. We strongly believe non violence is the best path towards fighting for a just society.

Does this fit with you and your community? Then let’s get started.